The beauty of the ancient village of songyang is recorded in the history books with the mark pen

On the afternoon of May 9, more than 100 people gathered in a small village in songyang county to attend the signing ceremony of the hand-painted wenchuang village of ji ‘nan dai art studio, xia keliang art studio.

For the sake of homesickness, xia keliang, associate professor of the Chinese academy of fine arts, and more than 20 hand-painted lovers of “walking while drawing” came to songyang county in southwest zhejiang province in August 2017.Then, after eight months of careful polishing, xia keliang and members of the “walking and walking” team created the old village painting of songyang together into the book “walking and painting ancient village into songyang”.The book is a collection of works and photos recorded, photographed and created in the ancient villages of songyang along the keng lingtou village and many old villages of songyang.

In fact, songyang has always followed the concept of “living protection and organic development”, and pushed the indigenous people to renew their rural businesses on the premise of maintaining the traditional village style.While the members of “walking while drawing” are good at pen sketch and mark pen painting, these hard pens are very suitable for showing the appearance of ancient dwellings and recording “lost homesickness”.

Xia Keliang art studio ji nan dai hand-painted art wenchuang village signing ceremony


Xia keliang signed and presented his new book, “walking into the old village – walking into songyang”


Hand-painted lovers from all over the country attended the launch ceremony


Post time: Aug-03-2018